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South African Beef Jerky

We started official operations in September 2022 following over a decade of market research and product development. We had two primary goals in mind. The first was to offer the market a premium and healthy product without compromising on flavor. The second was to ensure that our environmental impact focus on minimizing impact. We will be custom making our packaging from compostable materials. We do not compromise on quality or our commitment to sustainability.

Benefits of Beef Jerky

Research has found that dried meat, like beef jerky, can be an easy, portable snack that contains high concentrations of protein and essential minerals like zinc and iron.
Is an Easy Source of Protein.

Getting enough protein can be difficult if you are often on the go. Beef jerky is an easy, portable snack that packs a lot of protein. Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps repair and create cells and supports healthy bones, muscles, and skin. Your body doesn't store protein like carbs and fats, so eating protein every day is important. How much protein you need depends on your sex, age, weight, and activity level. The institute of medicine suggest a protein goal of 10% to 35% of your total calories. For example, someone who eats 2,000 calories daily may have a protein goal of 100 grams, about 400 calories. A one ounce serving of beef jerky supplies nearly 10% of that protein goal.

Might Support the Immune System

A one-ounce serving of beef jerky provides nearly one-quarter of the daily recommended zinc intake. Zinc is an essential mineral that helps support the immune system. The body absorbs zinc from animal sources, such as beef jerky, more readily than plant-based foods. Still, getting zinc from various foods and eating a balanced diet is key to supporting your immune system.

Helps Boost Iron Intake

Research has found that beef jerky is a significant source of heme iron.1Iron helps transport oxygen to different body parts, and the body absorbs heme iron more readily than non-heme iron. Iron deficiency is common, especially among women.8 Beef jerky can be an easy source of heme iron to help protect against iron deficiency.

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a dehydrated meat product originating from South Africa, referred to as Jerky in the United States. Unlike most dehydrated meat Biltong is air dried at room temperature in stead of being heat treated in the drying process. Most Nations have their own methods of dehydrating and flavoring. However, South African Biltong, due to our unique spice mixtures and method, has made a big impact on this market worldwide wherever it becomes available. The reason for this immediate positive impact is that the product is not over spiced therefore retaining the flavor and benefits of the meat protein. Over the centuries, South African families have developed their own unique recipes and drying times and methods. Some smoke their product before drying and some brine their product etc. The recipe’s used by South African Jerky has been perfected based on customer feedback. The “Best Biltong” search stops the moment a person tests our product!

How We Make Biltong

Manufacturing Biltong is a multi day process:

Day 1:
The meat is slied and spiced and given a vinegar coating, layer for layer then, refrigerated for 24 hrs. This 24-hr. period ensures the respective flavor penetrated the meat safely under the vinegar coating.

Day 2:

The product is placed in the Air dryers fitted with UVC lighting and monitored for wind speed, temperature. Ambient air is filtered and sterilized.

Day 3:

The product continues in the drier.

Day 4:
Is testing day where the curing level is tested using controlled water activity and acidity as qualifying tests. The product is then removed and packaged.

Meat Sourcing

Our meat is sourced in Florida, the second largest beef producer in the United States. Our supplier specializes in Organic Grass Fed hormone and antibiotic free beef.

Dried Sausages (Sticks)

Droewors is South Africa’s favorite beef jerky stick – and it’s about to become yours as well! Droewors is similar to American beef jerky, but it’s savory instead of sweet. While American jerky is smoked and 160 degree heat dehydrated, droewors is air-dried at room temperature. This process produces a tender moist and flavorful product.


Patties and Boerewors

Our product line also includes a product called Boerewors, a product similar to what is know as Bratwurst or Italian sausage. Our product is manufactured using beef in stead of Pork. We also manufacture Hamburger Patties in ¼ lbs, 1/2 lbs. and ¾ lbs., We regularly receive custom orders for 1 lbs. patties especially during the Football Season! During this season our product can be spotted on the grill as the photo below shows!


Why Buy South African Jerky Products

To begin with, our relentless focus on product quality using only the best beef available to the market.

Our unwavering focus on customer service.​

Our meticulously precise and safe manufacturing process, health benefits and flavor are unmatched in the industry.

Our unique ability to manufacture a ”ARTISAN” product on a commercial scale.


  • Our process and product is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture.

  • The meat we use is certified grass-fed beef produced locally in the state of Florida.

  • Through laboratory analysis, we can guarantee that our products are sugar free, gluten free, hormones free, antibiotics free and contains zero carbs. Paleo friendly is just another bonus of the product.

  • The sodium content is low, and we do not use nitrates, preservatives or dyes.

All of the above uniquely qualifies us as the only manufacturer of air-dried beef products in the USA fit for the heath market. Our products are healthy and delicious.

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